Broken Roads

roads     Dream I had on Wednesday, April 9th 2014

In this dream, I saw broken and crumbled roads that people were traveling down. Some were driving and some were walking. Some of the broken roads were still connected to this big main road but only by a long thin edge. So you could get to the main road but you would be taking a risk of falling.

So as I looked out there was a lady in front of me trying to shimmy her way across the long thin edge of a road to get to the main road (she was trying to walk the edge on her own). As I was driving I came to a stop because the road was broken however, while watching the lady in front of me I got out and said Lord what am I going to do I can go no further on this road and I’m not going to try and walk the edge. As soon as I said that a man behind me said let me help you down but you must leave the car behind (he didn’t ask if I wanted help he said let me help you leaving me no choice)

I said ok, when he put me down I was at his feet. I also realize where he put me down at was a total solid foundation and nothing was broken. When I looked to thank him I looked and saw the tallest angel I had ever seen. I had never seen anything so tall and full of Joy. When he first asked me if I needed help he looked as if he were my size. The man also seemed as if he took pleasure in helping me.

Then it was if I could see out into the vastness of things and when I looked I saw two more angels just like him. One was really far back and there was another way out to the side and they were just working helping people get off those broken roads.

I got the impression in the dream that these angels were really working hard to help people who would take the help. When I woke up out the dream it did not register with me until about 5 minutes later and when it hit me I begin to praise God in my bed because I knew the Lord had showed me angels who were on assignment to help his people. Afterwards I got in prayer and I believe the Lord told me these things below.

  • Those who have been on the wrong roads God is automatically going to come in and give them help as long as they are willing to leave the things that have left them bound behind on those roads.
  • Gods is automatically sending help in this season just receive it.
  • God is putting and establishing his people on new solid  foundations.
  • God is dispatching new angles into the lives of believers.

I pray this word will encourage your spirits on today and renew your hope!


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