Guarding Your Heart 1

Blog from 2013  heart 1Updated 4/29/2014

This year God has really been dealing with me about the heart. I have come to realize that our hearts play such a huge role in our everyday lives. It was out of my own experiences, past hurts, past relationships and failures that made me realize that I had some heart issues. I was snappy, angry, mad, hurt, unhappy and not whole. I’m not speaking of the natural heart but of the spiritual heart our mind, will, emotions and intellect. The bible state that out of our hearts flows the issues of life. Our hearts is our source of life.

However, if you have no word in your life to combat those issues you will either find yourself an emotional wreck, no faith, depressed, feeling like God doesn’t love you, in a state of insecurity and the list goes on according to the person. The problem is we cannot afford to have heart issues or be spiritually sick because when we do it affects how we hear from God it also affects spiritual vision. It brings confusion and we have a hard time deciphering what God is spiritually trying to communicate to us. It becomes a mind battle if you can’t clearly hear from God then how will you know what direction you should be going in. Unfortunately, when most people can’t make a God decision they make a flesh decision. A Flesh decision will always take you down a bumpy, rocky, long path of frustration. We often make permanent decisions for a temporary situation.

When it comes to our hearts we need to be like detectives. We need to search and discover what’s lying hidden in our hearts then begin to flush out those things that our not of God. The bible states that we should guard our hearts with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23-27). Secondly, once we have flushed out those areas we need to be careful not to allow people or worldly indignations to re-enter our hearts. At some point we must begin to detect and reject-(Dr.Charisse Gibert).

Anything that is not of God or from God will never be good for us. You may be thinking well how do I detect? You detect by meditating, reading, and studying Gods word. By doing this you begin to learn God’s truth and what he has to say about your life, marriage, family, jobs, and relationships. So when something is contrary to God’s word then you know that it’s is a lie and you won’t allow it to enter into your heart. For some the start of this process may not be easy. I have found in my life that I had to separate myself from some relationships (ungodly soul ties), friends, and even a job at one point. I say whatever it is that may cause spiritual congestive heart failure rid yourself of it because it’s not worth You in the long run. When you guard your heart you guard your life. Work hard to get your heart in order and allow the healing process to begin.

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