The Value of a Virgin

Leviticus 21:13
“And he shall take a wife in her virginity”.

The value of the virgin in our society has been lost. Where once virgins were respected and highly esteemed they are now looked at as common day failures in the area of sex and relationships. Most people do not honor virgins but rather taunt them or tease them for being one. We ask them degrading questions like what’s wrong with you. Why are you still a virgin? Are you gay?

Virgins are often teased for the virginity that God requires them to have until marriage. Sadly, this type of ridicule often comes from close family members and close friends. The virgin will often act out sexually just to relieve the pressure of the naysayers. Are world has become brain washed with sexuality. We have allowed sex to enter our homes, jobs, and personal lives through media, music and fashion. We have made sex icons are role models and inspire to be like them daily. We want to wear our hair like them dress like them and often act out the sexual behaviors that they display on stages for the whole world to see for example twerking.

Unfortunately, more and more children each year are being exposed to sex at earlier ages. Their virginity has already been snatched from them mentally before they can physically act it out. Sex has been sown into them through their senses which are the eye gates, ear gates, and even physical touch. Their imaginations have been heightened with false fantasies opening up the door to the spirit of sensuality and perversion. As they begin to visualize themselves acting out sexually then they begin looking for people who can bring their fantasies to reality causing them to lose their virginity.

Needless to say our society is turning our children’s minds out with sex before they even have sex. Society set’s them up for sexual failure in the long run. Might I say it’s ok to be a 40 year old virgin!

Another trick of the enemy I have found to be so gross and corrupt is tricking young girls and boys into thinking if they sleep with one another they are still a virgins. However, they might physically be but they have just defiled themselves and become impure.

Lastly, masturbation has become another deceptive trick in keeping ones virginity. I once had somebody tell me this was the way as long as I wasn’t having sex. What a lie from the enemy. At the end of the day the enemy wants to bring a hedge between us and God. And, you will still want to have sexual intercourse with someone other than yourself. A person can only live this lie for so long. Eventually, the individual will have sex and still be in the web of masturbation so now the individual is conflicted with both acts.

God’s word still stands and he still values and honors virgins. The virgin is pure in her sexuality. She is still sanctified and set-apart.
I encourage all of my young people to honor your body. You only get one virginity once it’s gone it is lost forever. If you know someone who is a virgin encourage them to keep their virginity until marriage.

Virgins are Priceless!


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