Mother’s For Purity


Mothers for Purity is a group for mothers who desire to educate there children on the importance of keeping there virginity until marriage. It is also a group where mother’s can share , connect, grow and learn from one another.

The most important thing that I have seen in the past was that mother’s didn’t really understand how to communicate or talk to their children about sex and relationships. This group is here to strengthen mother’s on that journey.

Also, to help one another for when that awkward time comes or it may already be here.

Mother’s for purity is not only about the purity aspect but it’s also about building healthy relationships between mother’s and their children. We see so many teens stray away from the parents through the adolescent years.

I believe that God can cover and keep these relationships and make them strong. But at times it can be difficult and mom’s sometimes have no one to lean on for support, comfort, and advice.

This group was made in love to our mother’s to uplift them and share a common interest keeping our kids pure mentally, sexually, and physically!

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